Our shuttle badminton club is located at the fast growing township of Venjaramood near Trivandrum,Kerala, India.This club was started in 1984 by a group of shuttle badminton enthusiasts and was then known as “Venjaramoodu Shuttle Club”. It was in an out door court subject to the vagaries of the weather. The club members were on most occasions disappointed in not having proper playing conditions due to rain, Sun and wind. In 1997 the father of the founder member expired and our club was renamed as Karthikeyan Memorial Club. This out door club continued its journey until 2003, when the new indoor wooden court was inaugurated on 23rd February 2003.

Since then we have active participation by 20 dedicated members who regularly participate in club activities. We have conducted regular tournaments since 2009 except 2011 as we replaced our old wooden laying. Our tournament attracts many district level and state level players and for the past few years it has been a great success in promoting this game and increasing the number of new players and spectators. Our third tournament in 2012 July was in our renovated court and all players and the official judges were unanimous in their appreciation of the quality of the court, lighting and the total ambience.

We mainly aiming at promoting the game by giving opportunities to local level players and budding new talents and to get inspired by the masters. From our 2012 tournament we will ensure good participation of the women players too. We are looking forward to provide coaching and training for new talents. We will try to create wide spread awareness of the physical and mental aspects of this game. We hope that by this endeavor our club will be able to enlist the support of youngsters to this game and their by lead them to help for a healthy life style. We are sure that for this endeavor we will have your whole hearted and sincere support